Everything is AWESOME!!! (NSFW)

Image (c) Tawnya, creative commons licensed When we first achieve awareness of body-positive concerns we start to beat a drum and dance a happy, happy, joy, joy jig - hippy singing, like a scene from the LEGO(r) Movie All Bodies Are Beautiful - Love Yourself EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! And you join in, because you look at your friends, your family, and you KNOW that you love them. You KNOW that extra toe, those lopsided tits, that goofy smile endears them to your very heart and that you would have them no other way. And you KNOW, the mantra is true. For them. Or you desperately want it to be. Because you don't want them to feel, the way that you do. Because in your own mind there is that scra

The Small Penis Bible on BBC3

(Image shows me in the FREE T-Shirt the good people at T-Shirt Studio made for me.) The conversation continues. I'm frankly amazed that mainstream media (ITV Morning, all the national papers, Radio 1 and now BBC 3) are discussing 'penis size anxiety'. This never happened when I was growing up, and it's odd to see these channels acting as a force for good! What I especially like about this latest article, is that the conversation is clearly developing. Up to now there has been a lot of what I call "lazy click-bait headline journalism": headlines blurting out "Man with one inch penis..." (that's the relaxed state, hardly worth mentioning really); or even worse "Man with micro-penis..." (that's

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written by Ant Smith and Illustrated by Christine Adams