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The Bible Cometh

Couple enjoying the small penis

20th May 2017

The Joiner's Arms

45 Denmark Hill, Camberwell SE5 8RS

The official launch for The Small Penis Bible will be in Camberwell's Joiner's Arms on the 20th of May.

After organising The Big Small Penis Party in 2015 I said that I wouldn't repeat that. I didn't want to create an annual thing for the concern because I don't want to create a silo - I think it's important to raise awareness, but not to create a "small dicks only" club. Because ultimately, except for people you're sleeping with, dick size just isn't important. We shouldn't be primarily defined by our dicks, and so we don't need a special annual small-dick celebration.

But, that said, so many people have written to say how annoyed/angry/sorry/devastated they are that they missed it!

So the launch of The Small Penis Bible seems like a great moment to party once again.

To celebrate our humanity, our infinite variety. Our big or small or no-dickedness; to recognise we are one people, with one love, packed into larger or smaller vessels.

There will be song, and dance, and great cheer.

We're evolving the shape of the night but you can certainly look forward to

  • Ancient bawdy folk music from Sarah_Jane Miller

  • Modern bawdy folk poetry from Calm Carl and Dan Hunt and others

  • Universal respect, and some bawdy humour from the incomparable Commie Faggots

Turn up on the night or to secure a guest-list place (it could be kind of busy) message me to buy an advance copy of the Bible

But whatever you do, don't miss this - it could well be the last word on small cocks in London

You have been invited...

Ant, 2017


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