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About The Small Penis Bible


And thank you for joining me on The Small Penis Bible Site.

When I wrote the bible I wanted to create something that would be genuinely helpful to others. So it seemed right to create a site to go along with it. A place where I can create a blog and keep the conversation going. When I originally wrote my poem SHORTY (see the video below) I had no idea it would 'go viral', and even less idea that I would be joining a conversation that would last - so far - well over 2 years. But I have learnt that it is an important conversation, one worth keeping in the open; for it is secrecy that fuels our fears. So welcome here.

I've priced The eBook version of The Small Penis Bible at £3.70 (about ONE TENTH the cost of the 'leading competitor'). I want to cover the costs of running the site - I don't want to make millions out of misery. I am forever getting penis enlargement e-mails, and I've researched a LOT of enlargement SCAMS. Even supposedly free miracle solutions end up encouraging you to spend money in one way or another. I wanted something better, something useful, to turn up in search results; your visit today helps that. So thank you.

I've made a substantial FREE SAMPLE available on the site - so you can get the full idea of the bible. I'm hoping it's easy-reading, lighthearted, and yet informative. Your reviews/feedback would be most helpful. I'll expand content on here, in this blog, in response. You can contact me using the e-mail FORM or subscribe to my mailing list, in either case I'll keep your e-mail private.

I've seen a growing number of body-positive anti-size shaming articles in the media over the last couple of years (it helps I wrote several of them!) and with a little luck we can change opinions with honest truth. I'll give away the ending of my book here, and say without doubt

Size Doesn't Matter.

All the best for 2017


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