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Penis Size Anxiety – Welcome to 2019

Image from The Book of Man

It's been a very busy and positive start to this 19th year of the new millennium as, in the media at least, the conversation about masculinity and what it means to be a man in this oh so modern world finally starts to pick up pace.

I think it's fair to say that photographer Laura Dodsworth has played a significant role with her Manhood: The Bare Reality project (perhaps you remember I blogged about my own involvement and thoughts on that back in 2017) – and as fate would have it our paths are to cross once again when we join in with The Book of Man's Festival of New Masculinity at their Night of a Thousand Cocks; yes really, sounds great – although I'm not 100% sure they'll manage to curate quite that many!

BUT, wait a minute – you can help with that…

As well as a good old fashioned panel discussion and Q&A with Laura, I and 2 others (psychologist Dr. Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell and writer/producer Anouszka Tate) there will be a projected gallery of fine art penis pictures. I know there'll be fine art in there as I've contributed some of own (sorry, but sometimes a little self-belief is a good thing!). That said, from experience, I know it's really tough getting folk to be involved and to contribute to such things – even though it's a really positive idea.

So if you're reading this please do think about helping out and contributing a picture of your local willy (i.e. your own or your partner's or your partners'). No faces, no erections – it's all anonymous and done in the Best Possible Taste (which is why they want them in B&W…, it seems)

READ ABOUT CONTRIBUTING HERE – if you want any help making your shot suitably 'arty' feel free to send it to me and I'll work my photographer's magic on it. Submissions are most welcome right up to the 25th of February.

OR If you want to come down to the event, book tickets HERE – if you do, make sure to so hello to me!


After long delays (all MY fault) I've finally managed to discuss the whole question of penis size anxiety and masculinity with the excellent Tom Fordy over at Fashion Beans. The first of a couple of articles is up online now and (I think, with my self-belief and everything) its worth a read. Take a look HERE.

There's more to come from Tom as well – and in fact the whole question of Masculine Identity has been fermenting in my mind for some time now, so I'll be exploring that further myself in the coming months – keep checking back here please. I'd honestly like to open a discussion with others who've been exploring this lately – but how on earth DOES a normal bloke get to speak to the likes of Grayson Perry, Robert Webb etc..? Hmmm, answers on a postcard please.

And finally (for now) it's always good to work with The Sun on this matter – no wait, really. I know lots of folk have serious reservations about that publication but I honestly believe those issues sit with the proprietors/senior editors not the readership who fully deserve and need to be a part of the conversation. Plus Diana Appleyard writes very sensibly on the subject of penis size anxiety. So please, for me, take a look at this article too; and why not leave a positive comment while you're there? Conversations only work when people converse after all!!!

Best Wishes All


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